Pizza, the root
of all Happiness.

History of Pizza, the Mediterranean

Seems all knowledge and life has some origin in the Mediterranean and Pizza iz no exception. Some of the Earliest Flatbreads were made in this region for thousands of year, such as Lavash, a Famous Armenian bread. It was not until medieval times with the introduction of Stone Ovens during 1200-1500 that Breads topped with Meats, spices, and cheeses were cooked together.

We use the Freshest Ingredients, with the Highest ratings, not leftovers like some other chains

Our sauce is made fresh daily with the highest quality of ingredients and always with an unbelievable flavor, SORRY we don't do bland!
Our Vegetables are all fresh and hand cut each morning
Our dough is our own blend, made daily and cooked to order. We believe in bread that is bursting with Taste, Soft with a crispy feel, truly Artisan
Our Salads are all made to order and all with a flavor you will enjoy, "Who said Salad has to taste boring"
Our Dressings and Sauces. Others are worried about saving costs, and giving you tasteless options, but we are care about flavor

Customer Service

Customer Service begins with having pride. Pride is had when it is shown and respect is reciprocated. We want your experience to be the best, and that means not only the best quality, tasteful pizza experience you had, but also great Service. We take pride in a family atmosphere and we feel that if we are very good to our employees and treat them with respect, kindness and fairness they will respond by sharing that attitude with others. We always say that one thing you can control today is your outlook and your work ethic. So if you are kind to someone and do a good job, guess what they will be kind and respectful with you. before you know it everyone is Smiling and isn't that what PIZZA iz all about? PIZZA=LOVE

Our Founders Belief

When Creating the Menu, all the Vendors and Experts, warned that food costs and Ingredients need to be selected carefully to keep your costs down. We took a different approach we tasted the best Items and the best ingredients and found which combination actually TASTES THE BEST, and is the best for you. Than we said "how can incorporate this quality and NATURAL flavor into our menu and still make it affordable"

A Personal Story, as a kid my Siblings and I loved Pizza so much, that my Mom said "ok since you guys love pizza so much I will make pizza everyday" thinking we would get sick of it.  On the 28th day we ran home excited to make homemade pizza, and found NO PIZZA.  When we questioned our mom, she said "I didnt think you guys would last 7 days, I misjudged your LOVE FOR PIZZA"  Proving that there is no such thing as too much pizza!